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Building Information Modelling, or BIM, has already made a huge impact in the way we build. Not only does it ensure a better building quality, efficiency and sustainability, but the adoption of BIM brings firms additional benefits such as lower costs, better resource management and delivering projects on time. Couple your commitment to adopt this methodology with the attainment of a company or personal BIM level 2 Certification and you'll gain recognition for meeting the highest UK construction standards.

It is not a surprise then that the UK government mandates for all centrally procured public projects to be 3D BIM compliant and include all digital documentation and asset information. The NBS National BIM Report 2017, shows that  62% of the Construction Industry is already leveraging BIM workflows, but there is also a large percentage that have yet to adopt or are unsure how.

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Does this mean that all SMEs and private projects do not need to implement BIM? Not at all, though not currently enforced in the private sector, the benefits of adopting BIM outweigh the costs and can give your firm a competitive edge over other suppliers and be the difference between winning a bid or not.

Receiving a 3rd party BIM certification from an independent and universally recognised authority in the construction sector will demonstrate to your potential customers that your work continues to meet the national standards and that they can trust you to deliver an excellent build.

Why choose a BRE BIM Level 2 accreditation?

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BRE has been at the centre of the research which has demonstrated the need for a standardised construction methodology and guided the development of the UK construction standards and BIM itself. Additionally, we’ve chosen to recommend a BRE accreditation due to the following reasons:

  • A BRE Accreditation is a Certification, not a Verification.
  • It is the only Certification house to have assessors who are the original authors of the government documentation.
  • All assessors have a wealth of experience on their respective industries.
  • Completely impartial assessment.
  • Simple process with full feedback through all the different stages.

What are the benefits of being BIM level 2 Certified?

Apart of gaining recognition for meeting the highest UK construction standards, being certified by an institution such as the BRE will give you:

  • Validation of your internal processes and workflows, improving where required.
  • Reassurance that your processes are being fulfilled on project work.
  • Education on all levels of the business in successful project deliveries.
  • Showcase of your competencies and providing peace of mind to your customers.
  • Compliance on Level 2 BIM for all future PQQ’s.
  • A considerable competitive advantage in your field.

Which BIM certification to take?

BRE offers both company and personal certifications, as well as pre-assessment and trainings to support you achieve this. If you’re an individual, you can opt for either:

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Informed Professional – Demonstrate your intellectual competency on BIM even if you’re not currently a practitioner. Certification prices start from £495.

Certified Practitioner – Showcase your practical competency on BIM as an active member of the Industry. Certification prices start from £595.

Where to start your BIM journey

Though 97% of the professionals in the Industry are aware of BIM, understanding the complexities of the methodology has kept firms of all sizes from adopting it. We understand becoming BIM level 2 certified can seem like a gargantuan task to start with, but our specialist team have a history of successfully helping businesses of all sizes not only start the journey and undertake this process, but also ensure they make a success out of it.

If you don’t know where to start with your BIM journey, start by speaking to us. Our BIM experts will assess your situation and give recommendations, aid with BIM implementation, training or supply and implement the collaboration software required to successfully adopt BIM and start reaping the benefits!

Start your BIM journey today!

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