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Adding A Material To Revit Imported 3D Geometry

revit geometry 1

If you have created an Autodesk Revit family by importing a 3Ddwg or SAT file for example, it will help to follow this handy tip for assigning a material (and colour).

The imported 3D geometry will have a default material and colour. If you select your 3D imported geometry you can use query to find the default layer.

revit geometry 2

On the Manage Tab > Settings Panel > Object Styles > Imported Objects - look for the layer name in the Category column and assign the material in the Material column to the desired value. Click OK to close each dialog box in turn

revit geometry 3

revit geometry 4

If you want the various parts of the imported geometry to have different materials then you would have to break down the 3D geometry in the originating application and import them in to the Revit family separately. If you align them correctly you can then assign materials to each part individually.

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