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Applying logos to your parts in Inventor

A common task that you may have to undertake is applying your company’s logos to your part to ensure that your company’s product receives as much recognition as possible.

This is quite easy to accomplish using the “Decal” function in inventor. But what happens if you have a surface with a curved edge such as a barrel or any other non-rectangular shape?

Let see how you can easily add your own decals to shapes like these.

In true Blue peter fashion, here’s a barrel I made earlier.

So next we need to create a sketch onto which we can insert a picture.

Lets turn on the visibility on the “origin plane” that runs vertically up the barrel through the centre.

Now with the “3D model” tab on the main menu selected, lets click on the “Plane” dropdown and select “Tangent to Surface and Parallel to Plane” from the “Work Features” section.

Select the curved surface and then the visible plane and Inventor will place a new “Work Plane” on the edge of the surface, like this:

Now we we can import an image onto the new “Work Plane” from the “Sketch Tab” , “Insert Section”.

Place your logo like this:

As you can see, this is flat against the new work surface.

Now whilst in the “3D Model” tab, select the “Decal” function. First select the logo and then the surface to which it will be applied and click OK.

There we have it, your logo will be applied to the surface of your choice.

Just turn off the visibility of the planes and its all done.

If you are looking for more tips and tricks on Autodesk Inventor then visit our mechanical blog category.

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