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Autodesk Inventor quick tip – Set transparency of sketch

In every new release of Inventor there are always features that get overlooked so I thought I’d create a quick post on a feature I think every user will appreciate!

Did you know in Inventor 2017 you can see sketches through shaded parts and you can set sketch transparency?

If you would like to know how to access the transparency setting or you aren’t sure what this feature is read on!

What’s changed?

In previous releases of Inventor it was not possible to view a sketch through a shaded part, only visible edges of a sketch could be seen and when creating or editing a sketch you had to use slice graphics. In the image below you can see the sketch clearly through the shaded part in 2017 and only visible edges in 2016.

How to set sketch transparency

 1. Access Ribbon: Tools tab Options panel Application Options.


2. In the Application Options dialog box, click the Sketch tab.

      a. Set transparency with slider or enter percentage value

Tip! When creating or editing a sketch which has obstructions you can now see all sketch geometry without performing a slice.

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