Autodesk Navisworks 2015 Service Pack 2

navisworks-manage-2015-badge-256pxThe Navisworks Service Pack 2 for 2015 has now been released and there has been tons of resolved issues so when you are using your programme it will hopefully, fingers crossed, if you have installed the pack correctly, work 100% fine.

User testers at Autodesk have been working hard to make sure that there are no faults in the programme. On a daily basis they will work within Navisworks and if they find a fault they will note it down for the future updates. It also couldn't be done if you guys hadn't reported a problem when something went wrong, so keep doing that and Navisworks will be the best it can be.

The main enhancements are Heartbleed, appending files, Autodesk rendering, batch utility, location settings, quantification, reality capture, rendering in the cloud, Revit and roamer. Within these main areas there are even more detailed updates, so I shall stop blabbering and get on with (some of) the specifics.

• Items are now displayed in a scene when you perform a ray trace and when you switch between shaded and full render modes. This is also the same when switching between lighting modes.

• When exporting your images they will no longer turn out blank when working in GUI disabled mode of Navisworks.

• The rename operation will no longer fail after you have edited a material and then changed the name as a single activity.

• A high level of exposure won't be applied to items in the scene when switching the render style whilst performing a ray trace.

• When you select an object tin in the past a scene from the material library gets cleared from the library panel – this has now been resolved.

• Items will not disappear (under certain circumstances) from a scene when you perform a ray trace in shaded mode.

• The colour of items will no longer change in a scene when you rotate the view under OGS rendering.

• When working with the quick box tool you can now use the right mouse click event.

• Some issues have been solved where copying and pasting between groups in other groups and undo operations.

• You can now use the spacebar to zoom when using the eraser tool.

Now I could continue but that would make this blog post pages and pages long. The best way to see the updates for yourself is to use the programme. Things you stressed over before because they weren't working will now come with ease because of the resolutions made to Navisworks.

There are loads of other fixes to find out about, so if you want to know more then the read me file on Autodesk's website will definitely help.

The Service Pack can be downloaded now, so benefit from the updates that come with this release now.

If you don't have Navisworks 2015 or are interested in how Navisworks can help you call us on 023 8086 8947 and we will be more than happy to help. Alternatively, take a look at our software page to find out more.

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