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Autodesk Vehicle Tracking – Mix and Match Vehicles

Sometimes the vehicle required for your project is not available in the Autodesk Vehicle Tracking Library. Autodesk Vehicle Tracking contains functionality to build vehicles from the ground up. However, it may be simpler to combine two existing vehicles and modify the combined vehicle if needed.

It is simple to do. For the following example lets combine a UK FTA Design Articulated Vehicle Cab with an Abnormal Load Lowboy Trailer to deliver an abnormal load.

combine mix vehicle autodesk tracking vehicles

1. Open the Vehicle Library Explorer. Navigate to directory and vehicle you need. In this case – British Design Vehicles, FTA 1998, UK FTA Design Articulated Vehicle. Right click on the vehicle. A menu will appear, from the menu chose edit a copy.

combine mix vehicle autodesk tracking vehicles explore library

2. The Vehicle Wizard Box appears. Rename the vehicle and click finish.

combine mix vehicle autodesk tracking vehicles rename

3. Navigate to bottom of the Vehicle Library Explorer. The copy of the vehicle will appear under Pool for (Drawing Name) Folder. Expand the vehicle that was copied. Notice it is made up of two components, a tractor (Cab) and trailer. Right click on the Trailer Component and select delete. Notice in the preview panel the Tractor (Cab) Component is left.

combine mix vehicle autodesk tracking vehicles delete trailer part

4. Navigate to the folder and vehicle containing the component to be attached to copied vehicle. Expand out the vehicle so you can see the components. Chose the component required. Drag the component down onto vehicle that was copied and renamed earlier.

combine mix vehicle autodesk tracking vehicles copy component

5. The components, in this case a Truck Cab and Trailer, link together as shown below. Click OK. The components can be edited if necessary. This Vehicle is now available for use within your project.

combine mix vehicle autodesk tracking vehicles copy component combined

combine mix vehicle autodesk tracking vehicles finalised

Vehicle Tracking is now part of Autodesk Architecture, Engineering and Construction Collection. To request a quote or more information for the AEC Collection or Autodesk Vehicle Tracking individually, please get in touch with us through the link below:

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