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Automated Level and Grid Creation in Revit Structure

Two initial things you might need to set up when you start a Revit Structures project would be a Grid Layout and Levels, setting these first will make creating and editing your structure much easier and quicker. They are not difficult tasks but can be time consuming, luckily for us there is a free tool for us to download (subscription only). The tool we want is part of the Autodesk Revit Extensions Tools.

grid layout revit structure extentions

Under the Modelling drop down you will find Grids Generator

grid layout revit structure extentions grids generator

If we want we can delete any existing levels or leave them, the tool will pick up any existing levels.
Once we start the tool we can set the levels and grids, the tool allows us to set the level name, the elevation height and which level marker to use (depending on what markers we have loaded in)

grid layout revit structure grid generator

grid layout revit structure grid generator layout

We then use the tool to set our Grid layout, it allows us to set horizontal axes spacing, vertical axes spacing, which we can add multiple different space values and set how many spaces to use those values. We can assign numbers or letters to which ever axes we want, and if we wanted we can set grid position and / or centre point. As with the levels we choose which grid marker to use. (again this is dependent on what markers we have loaded in)

grid layout revit structure grid generator axis

grid layout revit structure grid generator complete

Don’t forget to check out the Graitec Powerpack for Revit for a lot of useful additional functions. If you have any questions or would like more information about Autodesk Revit Structures or Revit training courses, please get in touch through the link below or at 023 8086 8947.

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