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How to control Scaling for Revit MEP Symbols

Revit can display the content of a view with more or less detail based upon the status of the ‘Course, Medium or Fine’ display icon. This is a really useful feature that can save a lot of time, but it sometimes requires adjustment to make it display the symbolic representation of MEP families correctly.

Specifically, the size of the symbols whilst in ‘Course’ level of display may be too large, or conversely too small. The image below shows the same pipework as displayed in ‘Course’ and ‘Fine’ levels of detail.

revit mep symbol scaling cover

The good news is that we have some control over the size of MEP fittings and Accessories, because they are ‘Annotative’ and therefore can be easily adjusted.

The potential problem is the size of the symbols for Pipe and Duct fittings, Accessories, etc, which may be inappropriate whilst in ‘Course’ detail. The solution is to adjust the values of the ‘Pipe Fitting Annotation Size’ or ‘Duct Fitting Annotation Size’ variables found in Mechanical Settings (MS). As you can see in the images below, making adjustments to these variables alters the size of the symbols.

revit mep symbol scaling 2

revit mep symbol scaling 3

However, should you want to stop this behaviour, simply select a specific symbol and remove the tick adjacent to the ‘Use Annotation Scale’ icon in the Properties Palette. From that point onwards the selected symbol will revert to its default size without further modification.

revit mep symbol scaling 4

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