Controlling visibility with Associated Parameters in Revit Families

In this short video I demonstrate how to set up a visibility switch to an element in a Revit Family. This technique makes use of the Yes/No parameter that we can associate to any part of a Revit Family.

It may sound complicated however it only takes a moment to set up.

Items of Revit geometry or even text can have a visibility control added. For example, this can be useful to set up keep clear areas for doors so when space planning an area we leave the ‘keep clear’ shape on and is this way on placing the furniture, perhaps in a busy kitchen or distribution panels in control room, we can ensure we have clear access when the doors are open.

Another good example with text is for setting up drawing status/issue stamps, i.e Pending, For Construction, For approval, etc.

With this idea, you would have many visibility check boxes available next to each item of text appearing in the properties palette. In the Drawing stamp approval situation, we add this into the Revit title box family and then this title box family is placed in the appropriate Revit project template.

In the Revit template, we can then have switched on only one to start with, such as Concept Design or For Approval, then save the template. When you start using thatControlling visibility with Associated Parameters in Revit Families template, the Status stamp you left visible, should be the only one that is visible and when you click on the status stamp, (or any part of the title block), the visibility check boxes appear.

Remember on creation of the controlling parameter to select which category you would like it to appear, such as Graphics or Text so that it displays in a logical area of the properties palette. You can see how to do this in the short video below.

Hope you have fun with this visibly easy tool! If you have any enquiries, please send us a message:

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