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Fabrication Data in Project Documents for Advance Steel

A new feature of the latest release of Advance Steel is the ability to include fabrication data in your bill of materials on drawings, BOM reports and also your prototype titleblocks.

Using the properties of the beam or plate you can specify the fabrication data using the section or fabrication data tabs withing the object properties.

Advance Steel Fabrication Data

 Advance Steel Galvanising Data

Once the information is added to the model you can then output the data using tokens that are now available. For handy reference i have noted the update tokens below.

Advance Steel Attribute Tokens

So what can be used in what lists, boms & prototypes?

  • Object Fabrication can be used in object lists (Single Part, Main Part etc)
  • Drawing Approval Status & Drawing Approval Comments can be used in Drawing Lists
  • Object Fabrication data can be used in templates for Bill of Materials that are placed in drawings
  • Object Fabrication data can be used in prototype headers.

To find out more on how this can imporve the information output from your model give us a call or our visit advanced implementation services page here.


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