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How to add 'Checked by' to your Revit Revision Schedule

Here’s a quick tip for adding a Checked By field to an Autodesk Revit Revision Schedule, which can be applied in Revit Architecture or Revit Structure.

We start with a very basic revision schedule with Rev, Description and Date:

revit checked by 1

We are going to add a 'by' and a 'checked' column to our schedule.

revit checked by 2 pixlr

Select Revision Schedule in the Project Browser and then in Properties we go in to Fields, and add ‘Issued to’ and ‘Issued by’ to our Scheduled Fields list.

revit checked by 3 pixlr

We then go in to the Formatting tab and change the heading for ‘Issued by’ to just 'by' and we change ‘Issued to’ to 'chkd'

revit checked by 4 pixlr

We then use the 'Issued to' column in the Sheet Issue / Revision dialog box to add the checked initials.

revit checked by 5 pixlr

Don’t forget to check out the Graitec Powerpack for Revit for loads of useful additional functions. Please send us a message now if you have any other enquiries:

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