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How to Edit Curtain Walls in Revit

How to Edit Curtain Walls in RevitSometimes when we use tools in Revit the result is not entirely what we want, but many tools in Revit allow us to edit typical elements and get different end results.

In this tutorial we discuss editing curtain walls in Revit using a typical Storefront as an example as this is a popular use of the tool; but the lesson learnt can be applied to other curtain wall requirements too.

If we place a storefront into a wall it will possibly look something like the image above. It will be a rectangular shape. I have added Mullions and inserted a double door panel.

But what if we want a slightly different style of storefront, let’s say we want the blockwork at the base of the wall to continue in to the door frame. Well we can do this fairly easy, and that’s because the storefront cuts a hole in the wall and then places the curtain wall system. So all we have to do is edit the boundary shape of the cut.

Simply complete the form below to download the tutorial and I’m sure you’ll find the content very useful for your future projects.

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