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How to export, import, reset or backup your AutoCAD settings

AutoCAD comes with a number of tools which allows you to package up your AutoCAD settings and save them as a Zip file.

This is useful for a number of reasons, perhaps you want to make a backup of your settings or maybe you want to move your settings to another computer.

Whatever your reason this you step by step guide will help you.

Exporting your AutoCAD Settings

Before you begin you need to make sure you have closed any Autocad programs you have open.

To export your settings we need to use a tool called “Export AutoCAD 2017 settings”. You can find this in the start menu by searching for “Export AutoCAD 2017 settings”:

This will open a window called “Export Custom Settings”:

Clicking on the “Export” button will prompt you with where you want to save your settings. This will create a Zip file in the location of your choosing, a default name will be given but you can also give it a different name on this screen:

Click save and this will create the Zip file with your Autocad settings.

Congratulations, you have now exported your AutoCAD Settings to a Zip file.

Importing your AutoCAD Settings

To import your AutoCAD settings back into Autocad we need to use a tool called “Import Autocad 2017 Settings”. You can find this in the start menu by searching for “Import AutoCAD 2017 settings”:

This will open a window called “Import Custom Settings”:

This window will ask for you to select a Zip file you have previously created when you exported your settings. Browse to your existing Zip file, select it and click the “open” button in the bottom right.

This will then import your settings into AutoCAD.

Reset AutoCAD to Default

Sometimes you may just want to restore AutoCAD back to its original Factory settings and wipe clean any changes you have made.

To reset your AutoCAD back to its original factory settings you need to use a tool called “Reset settings to default”.

This again can be accessed through your start menu by typing “Reset settings to default”.

This will ask you if you want to back up your settings before resetting or if you want to reset AutoCAD without backing up your settings. Choose the appropriate option and this will reset your Autocad back to its default settings.

For everything you need to know about AutoCAD, visit our Autodesk AutoCAD 2017 Software Packages web page, or give us a call.

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