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How to Export Revit in Place Families

Revit In-Place families are a quick and useful way of creating and modifying that bespoke component inside your project file. However unlike regular ‘.RFA’ Revit Families they are not generally available for use in other Projects. This document will look at the process of exporting the in-place family out of the ‘.RVT’ project file and into a Revit Family for those occasions where you wish to re-use the formerly single project component.

The first step once you’ve created your component is to select it and click ‘Edit in Place’.

Once you’ve done that, select all of the geometry that makes up your in place family and select ‘Create Group’, shortcut ‘GP’. The name you choose now will be the default name for the family file.

Once you’ve clicked ‘OK’ and while you’re still in Group Edit mode, you can now click on the application menu at the top left corner and hover over ‘Save As > Library’ then click on ‘Group’ – see below.

You will then be taken to the below dialogue box where you can choose your save location, note the file name defaults to same as group name, you can however change this if you wish and the file type is a .RFA.

Your component is now a standard Revit family and can be independently edited and loaded into other projects.

Take a look at our Graitec PowerPack for Revit for great additional features, or for more information just give us a call.

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