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Revit And Nesting Hosted Families: How to Remove The Hosting Of A Family In Revit

This is another useful little tip which comes directly off the back of some on-site Revit consultancy with a client.

The issue was that they were creating a bed system with backboards, lighting and electrical points for a hotel chain and when they came to placing one of the existing  Autodesk Revit electrical families, they were met with the No Entry symbol. The reason for this is that the electrical socket family was created as a Wall Based:

remove nesting hosted families revit no entry symbol

So how do you change the hosting in a family so that it can be place elsewhere?

Well what you can’t do is open the family and change it there, as in the Family Category and Parameters, you will see the Host parameter and value greyed-out.

remove nesting hosted families revit family parameters

So, here’s the trick.

Step 1

Firstly, create a new project. Then draw a length of wall, load and place the required electrical (or other) family.

Now save that project.

Step 2

Create another second new project and insert the first project as a Revit Link.

Step 3

Now this is the clever bit (although what would be clever would be a button that could just change the host in the original family).

From the Collaborate tab> Copy/Monitor> Select Link and pick the linked Revit model.

remove nesting hosted families revit select link

This will activate the Copy/Monitor tab. From here select the Copy tool and pick the electrical socket.

This creates a copy of the family – Note the little remove nesting hosted families revit family copy symbol symbol.

Click Finish and you’re ready for the next step.

remove nesting hosted families revit family copy

Step 4

Click the copied family and Edit the Family.

If you open the Family Category and Parameters, you will see that the Host is now Face based:

remove nesting hosted families revit family parameters 2

Step 5

Finally, you can save the new family, load and place it as a nested family on any surface in your main family:

remove nesting hosted families example

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