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How to see what Network licenses are being used and who is using them

In the Autodesk Network License Manager (LMTools) it is possible to create a snapshot to see which licenses are in use, on which computers and by which users.

To do this you will firstly have to open LMTools, this can be found on the computer or server running your licenses.

Once open navigate to the tab called “Server Status”, this should be 4th from the right. Clicking this tab will present you with the below window:

On the Server Status tab you can perform a status enquiry by clicking the “Perform Status Enquiry” button.

Clicking this button will fill the window below the button with information regarding the status of your license including which licenses are in use, on which computer and by which user.

The window of text is quiet small but by highlighting the text and copying and pasting the text into a word document or into notepad it will allow for easier reading of the status enquiry.

This is a snapshot of what’s happening there and then when you press the “Perform Status Enquiry”. If you want an updated status of your licenses you will need to press the “Perform Status Enquiry” button again.

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