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Improve Engineering Productivity with Autodesk Vault - Find data faster

vault-badge-2Over the next few weeks I will be blogging videos and discussing the top 10 reasons why you should adopt Autodesk Vault for managing your data. The blogs will be focused around Autodesk Vault and its integration with Inventor and AutoCAD. Autodesk Vault has direct integration with many other Autodesk products and third party products and it can work with any file format so if you have enquiries about how vault can help you with another product please let us know.

This first blog will be looking how Vault you can help you find data faster

Stop wasting time searching for your design files!

If you're using mapped drives and network shares for storing project data it's likely you have big frustrations in finding the relevant data you need to work on. Have you considered how much time you actually waste simply finding your data?

Product Data Management software provides you with a central storage system for all your data.
As well as giving you a central storage location you have extensive tools to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Check out the video below to see how Autodesk Vault can help you find your data faster!

Find what you need, when you need it
Property based searching
Search directly from within your CAD application
Save searches you use regularly
Create shortcuts to commonly used files and folders

If you would like to find out about other features availiable in Autodesk Vault that can help improve your engineerig productivity please check our contacts page for your nearest Graitec branch or check out our events page for upcoming webinars.


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Improve Engineering Productivity with Autodesk Vau...

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