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Improve Engineering Productivity with Autodesk Vault - Teamwork & Collaborative Design

Stop wasting time tracking changes and work better as a team!

It's typical that many engineers and designers need to access the same data but windows explorer lacks the fundamental tools to allow you to collaborate easily. You probably think you are not affected by using windows explorer but consider, have you overwritten someone's file or had your file overwritten because there is no way to lock files down? Do you find it's difficult to track changes in designs and track who has made these changes? Do you find it difficult maintaining versions of your designs? Because of all these issues do you struggle to work as a team on the same projects effectively?

With Autodesk Vault Team members can work on a digital prototype without overwriting each other's data thanks to multi-user functionality. Team members check out a design before making modifications, and then check it back in when they're done. With everyone working together, you can better balance resources, speed projects to completion, and meet tight deadlines.

Check out the video below to see how Autodesk Vault can enable your company and its employees to collaborate more effectively, stop wasting time & productivity.
Autodesk Vault

  • Checked-out files are read-only
  • See who is actively working on the file
  • Automatic versioning
  • Local workspace

If you would like to find out about other features available in Autodesk Vault that can help improve your engineering productivity please check our contacts page for your nearest Graitec branch or check out our events page for upcoming webinars.

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Improve Engineering Productivity with Autodesk Vault - Find data faster 

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