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L1 vs A? – Revit Circuiting Quick Tip

Out of the box, the phase referencing for electrical circuits in Revit defaults to the American standard of A, B & C. This means your circuit references will look like the following for 3 phase circuits – A1, B1 & C1 etc... A quick fix for this is to go into the Electrical Settings (shortcut ES) and amend the ‘Circuit Naming by Phase - Phase A, B & C Label’. See below:

electrical circuits revit phase label

As seen in screen shot they have been renamed to L1/,L2/ & L3/ (forward slash is used as separator but hyphen or equivalent can be used) which now produces the equivalent circuit references as L1/1, L2/1 & L3/1.

Another item to consider is what circuit naming convention has been set on the panel as this will determine what circuit references you get. Once you place your panel or distribution board into the project you will need to select the method of circuit naming as below. The two I commonly use are; ‘By Phase’ for Three Phase Circuits and ‘By Panel Name’ for Single Phase Circuits.

electrical circuits revit phase label by panel name

I hope this has been useful.

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