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Quick Tip - Revit MEP System Browser

A useful tool you have as part of the MEP side of Revit is the ‘System Browser’. This allows you to view and select both your MEP systems/circuits as well as the Spaces and Zones. This is handy especially on large projects where it can be difficult to manage these items. The browser can be accessed by either right clicking on the main screen or from the user interface button on the view tab.

How to access the Revit MEP System Browser

At the top of the browser there is a drop down menu where you can toggle between Systems & Zones, and also a discipline filter.

Revit MEP System Browser Systems Zones and Discipline Filter

Below you can see the list of both MEP systems/circuits along with the spaces & zones, where you can select multiple items and edit their properties all in one place thus negating the need to navigate to the relevant views.

Revit MEP System Browser MEP Systems Circuits Spaces and Zones

I hope this article has been useful. Don’t forget to check out the ‘Graitec Advance PowerPack for Autodesk Revit’ for a lot of useful additional functionality, including the excellent new ‘Link to Excel’ feature.

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