Revit 2017 - Adding Steel Connections Add-On

So you have installed Revit 2017 and noticed the new connection button on the Structure Tab?

Revit 2017 Add Connection

If you were like me you and immediately modeled some beams, hit the Structural Connections button, only to find the generic connection is the only one I could use! My first thought was to browse for some famlies thinking there would be some new types to load but I found nothing.

Revit 2017 Generic Connection

So what you need to do is download and install the Add-On from either 

a) Opening the Autodesk Desktop App and finding Autodesk® Steel Connections for Revit and hitting download:

Desktop App


b) Sign in to your Subscription Account, click on Products >Your Revit Product > and click on Enhancements where you can then download the Steel Connections for Revit add-on

You then need to click or double-click the file to start the installation process and follow the prompt

Revit 2017 Updates Add Connection

 Once you have the Add-on installed its time to get detailing. The first thing to do is to add the required connections to the projects. This can be done by selecting the flyout button on the connection button.

Revit Connection Flyout

This will show the range of available connections that can be added to the project. Just select what you need and hit the Add button and then OK.

Revit Structural Connection Settings

Once the structural connections are configured, simple select the beams and hit the connection button. This will add the connection to the model, connections are represented by the connection symbol and the toggle allows you to specify the primary element. When the symbol is selected is a simple case of modifying the connection by either editing the type in properties or using the contectual ribbon.

Revit Structural Connection Display Icon Revit Connection Properties

Within each conneciton there is a full range of paramerters to detail the connecion exactly as you require.

Revit Structural Connection Modify

If you need any further assistance or help with structural connections, please do not hesitate to contact Graitec Technical Support. If you have any other enquiries, please send us a message:

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