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Take your Rendering even further with Enscape for Revit v 2.0

You have to laugh – just as I posted my blog all about real-time rendering with Enscape for Revit, the Enscape team release their latest version, and it’s packed with so many new and enhanced features that I had to write a second blog straight away!

If you haven't already, download and install a trial of Enscape.

So, what’s new and improved?

Firstly, there’s the lighting. The reflections and indirect lighting in Enscape Version 2.0 are now done using real-time path tracing. This new lighting will make it more faithful to reality, which I’m sure you will all appreciate. The realistic lighting will give your designs that extra touch you’ve been looking for.

revit enscape 2.0 2

Next up there’s the grass, which is sublime to say the least. Gone are the rather naff flat bitmap images we are used to seeing in Revit. By just adding a Grass keyword to a material in Revit, this tells Enscape to draw ‘real geometry’ grass blades.

You want your presentations to be as realistic as possible, and real geometry blades of grass will do just that.

revit enscape 2.0 3

And complementing the grass we have trees, which have also had an impressive overhaul, with most of our tree models more closely resembling an architectural rendering look.

revit enscape 2.0 4

Next up there’s Orbit mode. Now you can right click a point and move the mouse to orbit around it. It is easy to use and very handy, and you now have easier movement within your visualisations. This allows you to view the full range of the design, especially small details that may have been missed before.

revit enscape 2.0 5

Working on a large plan and sites and getting lost? No problem. Enscape v 2.0 now has Mini Map. Press M to show the minimap in the upper corner. The needle will also act as a compass to indicate your orientation.

revit enscape 2.0 6

Phew – what a release and even more reason to check out how Enscape can help and improve you Revit visualisations.

To find out more about Revit & Enscape and lots of other useful Visualisation stuff sign up to our upcoming webinar, The Different Levels of Rendering a Revit Model.

For other information on Autodesk Revit or if you are not able to make the webinar, send us an enquiry now:

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