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Revit Circuit Referencing Using Dynamo Part Three

In the previous tutorial in this series we looked at creating a Dynamo script to help us to manipulate the Revit circuit data and allow us to use it in the panel schedule. In this article, we are going to use a slightly modified version of the previous script, which will work on Revit wires. We will also modify a wire tag to complement it.

Once created, our Dynamo scripts can be used time and time again through the ‘Dynamo Player’ on the ‘Manage’ tab. As you can see below, the wire tag is using the standard circuit reference, which it reads from the original ‘Circuit’ parameter.

revit circuit referencing part three one

In this tutorial we will use the shared parameters to create a custom circuit tag, so we can annotate the new Dynamo driven circuit references onto the views:

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You can find part one and part two in this series on Revit Circuit Referencing Using Dynamo by following these links.

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