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Revit Cut Profile - A Quick Tip

revit cut profile 1

When we are creating details in Autodesk Revit we can use sections created from our 3D model; however, what we get is not always what we want. Here is a quick tip for editing the shape of elements that are cut in the view, which is a tool that works in plan, RCP and section views.

For example, if we have a wall and a floor we may want the structural element of the wall to extend through the floor finish to meet the structural element of the floor. To find this, go to View tab> Graphics panel > Cut Profile – then select the wall and sketch the new profile.

revit cut profile 2

revit cut profile 3As another example, we can also edit the shared boundary between two objects, so if we have a retaining wall with a footing, we may want to show the wall / footing key. For this it's View tab> Graphics panel > Cut Profile – now set boundary between the faces option and select the boundary line between the wall and footing. Then we can sketch the new profile.

revit cut profile 4

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