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Revit Families - Taking Control with Subcategories

A Revit family is assigned a category when it is created (via the family template). This category defines the default display of line weight, colour, pattern, and finally material. If you want to enhance these properties, you will need to create subcategories which can then be assigned to geometry within the family.

Taking Control with Subcategories Object Styles Image

For example, the wheelie bin family shown above belongs to the category ‘Site’ and has one subcategory called ‘Bins –Domestic’. The lid, body and wheels have all been assigned to this subcategory and therefore are shown in black.

Taking Control with Subcategories New Subcategory Image

To assign new subcategories and therefore new colours we need to open the family, select ‘Manage’ Tab - ‘Object Styles’. Once in this dialogue, select ‘New’ and then provide a Name. You have now added a subcategory and can then assign your preferred line weight, colour, pattern and material.

Taking Control with Subcategories Line Weight Colour Pattern Material Image

All that remains is to make the link between the subcategory and the geometry.

Taking Control with Subcategories Properties Image

This is achievable by selecting each piece of geometry in turn and within the ‘Properties’ dialogue box assign one of the previously created subcategories.

Taking Control with Subcategories Properties Image 2

Now that the lid, body and wheels belong to different subcategories they adopt that subcategories properties. Once complete, load the family back into the project.

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