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Autodesk Revit’s Equality Dimension Display Options

Many people are familiar with the ability to apply an ‘Equal’ constraint to a multi-segmented dimension in Revit but did you know it’s possible to control the presentation of the value?

Revits Equality Dimension Display options image

Equality Display Value

Simply change the dimensions ‘Equality Display’ value (available in Properties) to one of three options, Value, Equality Text or Equality Formula. The last option provides the most opportunity for customisation. Lets’ investigate the possibilities by defining a custom equality formula.

Autodesk Revit's Equality Dimension Display Options Step 1 2 and 3 image

Step 1. – Select the dimension, ‘Edit Type’ (remember to duplicate otherwise your edits will apply to the original).

Step 2. – Scroll down until you locate the ‘Other’ group, pick within the cell adjacent to the ‘Equality Formula’ option to display the ‘Dimension Equality Formula’ dialogue.

Step 3.- Select the desired parameter from the left hand column, pick the green arrow positioned in the centre of the dialogue, to import into the right hand column. If required, add some syntax for a Prefix or Suffix to enhance the dimension.

Revits Equality Dimension Display options image 2

Various possibilities.

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