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Revit Tip - How To Add To/From Room To A Door Schedule

Have you ever created a building layout in Autodesk Revit and needed your door schedule to show either ‘to room’ or ‘from room’? When you start adding the required fields to the schedule you won't be able to find the ‘to room’ or ‘from room’ fields. However, these field options are available if you know where to look.

Let’s say you have already placed the rooms and created your door schedule.

revit door schedule 1

Whilst in the Schedule view just click on the Fields > Edit button in Properties.

revit door schedule 2

Then from the ‘Select available fields from:’ drop down choose ‘From Room’ or ‘To Room’ and select the Room:Name field.

revit door schedule 3

This will now show the To/From Room Name in your schedule.

revit door schedule 4

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