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Vault Prompts – Automate Vault Prompts

A customer recently asked me if there was a way to automatically upload data to vault on closing a file & to his surprise the answer was YES!

You can streamline your Vault environment by configuring common prompts and suppressing certain dialogs. This can be done from the vault client or your native CAD application (Inventor, AutoCAD etc.)

There are two ways to configure prompts and in this first example I want to configure the prompt as it happens in "real life". Vault has asked me to save a file before I continue and I no longer want it to ask me, I want it to always save without asking.

By expanding the dialogue I can choose from three options:

• Always prompt
• Don't prompt again this session
• Don't ever prompt again

By selecting 'don't ever prompt' again, then clicking yes, vault will use this as the default answer without prompting you from this point forward.

file not save

The second method for configuring prompts is to choose vault options from your CAD application. From the proceeding dialogue, prompts can be selected and configured.

Vault options

From the manage prompts dialogue, we can find the command we want to configure, set a default response and then set frequency. In this example by selecting 'Yes' & 'Never Prompt', vault will always check in a file on close if it is currently checked out.

prompt preconfigured

Here are some common queries by customer where managing prompts has helped them to improve their vault user experience and workflows. The numbers can be matched to the image above.

1. Why does vault ask me if I want to save file when I select check-in, I just want it saved automatically.

2. Vault tells me some files are missing from my local workspace would I like to download? Of course I do, how can I automate this?

3. I want to automatically check a file in on close, I keep leaving them checked out.

4. Vault keeps telling me to some properties are out of date I want it to always update properties without asking.

To find out more about Autodesk Vault just contact your local office today or request a quote and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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