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What a Pain in the Section! Rotating the Text / Labels in a Section Head

Make no mistake, I love Revit as a design tool and have been using it since it was purchased by Autodesk in 2002 (and there are still companies out there who think Revit is a new product!). From those early days, the software has developed into the powerful tool set which we see today and yet...... you still can’t make a simple Section Head contain text and labels which rotate automatically with the ‘magic’ section line!

section heads revit flip

I was asked about this the other week when developing a client’s new Autodesk Revit template, as they want to text and labels to stay in alignment with the section line.

The easiest way is to open the section head family, copy and rotate the text and labels 3 times and then apply a visibility parameter which allows you to turn on and off the required annotation according to your section line placement.

section heads revit flip family parameter

Once saved and loaded back into either your template or project, simply edit the Section Family and create 3 new Family Types and within each type create a new Section Tag which uses the appropriate Section Head.

section heads revit flip family types

Now when you select a section in you model, you can select the appropriate type:

section heads revit flip appropriate sections

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