Nicholas Sanders

How to Manage Connection Groups using Load Envelopes in Advance Design

When designing a steel structure, we want to group together steel connections which are likely to be of the same fabrication layout. Once grouped we can design for the ‘worst-case’ scenario – ultimate...
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Nicholas Sanders

Structural Analysis Software – Wall Design Made Easy

There are many approaches available to help tackle reinforced concrete wall design, some of them easy - some not. However, there are few that allow you to analyse and design continuously without leavi...
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Nicholas Sanders

Advance Design 2020 What’s New: Part 2

There has been a major advancement in the way Advance Design calculates Seismic and Spectral analysis. With the introduction of a new solver which uses used load dependant RITZ vectors to calculate on...
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Nicholas Sanders

Advance Design 2020 What’s New: Part 1

With the latest release of Graitec’s Advance Design structural analysis software having just arrived I thought this would be a great opportunity to showcase some of the latest features in Advance Desi...
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