3D Printing from Advance Steel

Printing in 3D from Advance Steel

By now you may have heard lots of stories about printing in 3D. The rumours, the myths, the reports of printed parts for medical devices, houses, cars and so on.. But how do they work? Is it difficult? What do I need? Can Advance Steel do it?

AS Screen

The good news is that some of our customers are already printing Advance Steel models to 3D. Shaun Walker (Shire Drawing Services) working at Drawsign Image Engineering Ltd is one such customer that has embraced this technology. Below you will see a sample model that has being replicated in 3D, direct from the Advance Steel model file and printed using an Ultimaker 3 Extended supplied by the guys at 3DGBIRE.

So how is it done?

.STL format is one of the most commonly used file formats for 3D printing. It is due to the fact that most CAD software has the feature of exporting models in .STL format and most 3D printers support it. The file generates the surface geometry of the modelled object. To create the .stl file you need to export the Advance Steel Model to ACIS solid. This can be done using the Graitec PowerPack featured called ‘Export model to ACIS’ which will automatically convert the Advance Steel objects to ACIS solids in a single click.

Export to ACIS

Once converted to .ACIS then activate the 3D Modelling workspace in Advance Steel and select the ‘Print Studio’ command from the Output Tab and click ‘Continue’ to create the .stl file.

Print Studio

What to watch out for?
Printing your model to 3D does have certain limitations and certain considerations need to be adhered too, to ensure a successful print.

Models with thin beams and columns may:

  • Break when printed or shipped
  • Print with errors
  • Be impossible to print
  • Be vunerable to breaking

Models with a large mass connected to a thin columns or beams may:

  • Break when printed or shipped
  • Print with errors
  • Be venerable to breaking

3D Print 13D Print 2

Graitec are here to help with advise and best practice when it comes to printing the model to 3D. We can help you with the software needs and the needed skills to create a 3D model of you structure.

Contact your local Graitec Office here. If you have any other enquiries, send us a message now:

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