3D Rebar Detailing Software – Create Bar Schedules Automatically in Revit

If you use industry leading Autodesk Revit software and want an enhanced toolset for rebar detailing and concrete design, then Advance BIM Designers – Concrete series, is a must have comprehensive add-on.

Graitec’s 3D Rebar Detailing software is a key BIM solution that will not only increase productivity, but will also help improve management of structural projects.

In this blog and short video, we introduce you to one of the many great features that will power up your productivity in Revit – Bar Schedules.

Advance BIM Designers enhances the native Revit schedules by automating the process of creating ‘Bar Schedules’.

This option can be used for reinforced structural elements with BIM Designers in Revit, like isolated foundations, beams and columns, and for structural elements reinforced with Revit, like continuous foundations, slabs and walls.

The output is a native Revit schedule which can be modified as needed by adding, hiding or deleting different information.

You can create schedules by Partition, for example, when you want to see all the reinforcement from one level.

Moreover, the new reinforcement created in the model can be added to an existing partition, by extending the partition.

Another advantage of using the new Bar Schedule option is that you can use your Revit schedule templates… just select your template and apply it.

The same Bar Schedule can be added directly on generated drawings from BIM Designers. Make sure you set the rebar schedule template in Drawing Settings and… generate your drawing!

Also, don’t forget to add the bending details in your bar schedule… with just one click!

If you want to power up your Revit software today and take advantage of BIM Designers – Concrete Series’ unique toolset, then get in touch with Graitec by clicking on the button below.

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