3D Sketching Improvements – What’s New Inventor 2017

The next instalment of What’s New looks at the new 3D sketching enhancements found in the new Autodesk Inventor 2017.

With the all-new 2017 features Inventor’s 3D sketching environment is now more efficient than ever.

We all tend to shy away from creating too many 3D sketches within our designs, often creating multiple workplanes and 2D sketches to achieve what we could accomplish with just one 3D sketch. Listed below are some of the big improvements you will find in the latest Autodesk Inventor 2017 release.

Check out the video below or read on to find out more on the 3D Sketched Improvements found in Autodesk’s Inventor 2017 new release.

Dynamic Dimension

The new Dynamic Dimension allows you control your 3D sketching dimensions in a similar fashion to the 2D sketch environment.

TIP: Use Ctrl+D, the context menu, or the icon in the tray to toggle the dynamic dimension display on or off.

Ortho Mode

With the Ortho mode active, you can use the axis on the triad to draw along the x, y or z direction from the previous point.

TIP: Use Ctrl+R, the context menu, or the icon in the tray to toggle the dynamic dimension display on or off.

Sketch On Plane

Within the 3D sketch you can now easily select a sketch plane enabling you to accurately align your sketched geometry with ease.

Copy / Paste

Reusing 3D Sketch geometry is now even easier with the ability to Copy and Paste 3D Sketched geometry, this function also now allows you to copy between 3D sketches.

Previous releases supported dragging geometry by endpoints and center points only. You can now drag a 3D sketch entity by selecting any part of the geometry.


Autodesk have introduced more constraints in the 3D sketch environment.

The following constraint types are added to the Constrain command:

On Face: Constrains selected points, lines, arcs, or splines to a planar face or selected points to a curved face.

Equal: Constrains selected arcs and lines to the same length.

Parallel with X Axis, Parallel with Y Axis, Parallel with Z Axis: Causes selected linear geometry to lie parallel with the X, Y, or Z axis.

Parallel with XY Plane, Parallel with YZ Plane, Parallel with XZ Plane: Causes selected geometry to lie parallel with the XY, YZ, or XZ plane.

Delete Constraints has also been added to the context menu.

Draws Curves Directly on a Face

Within the new 2017 3D sketch environment we now have the tools to sketch a 3D spline directly onto a curved face using the all new Curve on a Face command.


Autodesk have introduced many new tools into the 3D sketching environment to improve your everyday common tasks. It would be good to see what you guys think? Will you use them?? I know I certainly will :)

If you have any other good ideas for the 3D environment, why not click over to the Autodesk IDEAS Station and hopefully see them introduced in future releases.

Also check out our previous blogs if you would like to know more about what’s new in inventor 2017! If you have any enquiries, please send us a message:

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