A Christmassy use for Advance Steel Plate Commands and Functions

With Christmas just around the corner, what better way to kick off the festivities and get everyone in the festive spirit than by showing how the Autodesk Advance Steel plate commands can be used to create our very own Graitec Christmas Tree.

advance steel plate commands cover

You can now watch our Graitec screencast, showing how we created the tree and the steps we went through.

The plate commands that were used are the following:

1. Create conical folded plate
2. Create twisted folded plate
3. Circular plate
4. Plate at polyline
5. Create folded plate - without position adjustment

These commands combined with some basic AutoCAD setting out allow you to quickly create and manipulate plates within Advance Steel.

All of these commands can be applied very easily to your Advance Steel models to create things such as rolled stringers, rolled plates curved glass panels, hoppers, ducting, folded gutters, bespoke folded cladding panels.

If you need help with a complex project or any type of custom modelling then take a look at our range of certified Advance Steel training options, or for any other enquiries send us a message directly:

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