A Guide To Advance Steel Standard Parts

Many companies that use Advance Steel have certain common parts or items that they use in lots of projects. One example may be using a small connecting lug in a railing, or perhaps they try to use the same end plate on all joints.

By doing this, they can use identical components in multiple projects, which means they can even keep some in stock, ready for use when required. For these users, It would be very helpful if these parts could be easily identified within projects, and given the same part numbers all the time. This can be achieved using Standard Parts, which I will demonstrate in this blog.

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Typically, Advance Steel uses a new numbering sequence in every project, so these identical parts could get a different number in every project. However, the simple standard parts system ensures that these common parts are recognised and are always given the same number in every project.

The first step is to simply create a library file. This is a model file containing one example of each standard part or assembly that you want, and you can copy and paste these from existing projects if you like. Make sure that these have the part and assembly numbers you want to use. Save this file in the path C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Advance Steel 2019\GBR\Shared\StandardPartTemplate\

advance steel standard parts 2

Next, when working in your project and using the Numbering command go to the “Standard Parts” page of the numbering dialog. Locate your library file in the list of drawings and tick the boxes by the name to search that file for matching parts.

Any parts found in your project that match a part or assembly in the selected library files will receive the same number as they have in the library file. It doesn’t matter how the parts were created as long as the final net geometry matches the standard part.

advance steel standard parts 3

If you are looking for extra functionality for your structural projects, the Graitec PowerPack for Advance Steel is the perfect add-in product. If you have any queries for our team, please send us a message:

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