A Guide to Inventor HSM NC Editor

HSM edit is an OEM version NC editor that is based on CIMCO edit which is created by CIMCO. CIMCO has been around since 1991 and has its headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. Over the years, CIMCO has become a well-established name in the CNC world having sold more than 100 000 software licenses globally.

Autodesk HSM

HSM Edit is the default NC editor that come with any HSM product as the license is allocated to it based on the HSM product license. The only downside being that, HSM edit cannot be run without HSM being present on the same workstation. The editor allows for review and editing of the final g-code after the tool paths have been through the post processor. The editor can start up automatically if the open NC file in editor box is ticked in the post process window. Alternatively, it can be run as an independent NC editing product.

Having a ribbon based layout, the editor window allows users to find all the options and functions of the editor at the top via the tabs, panels and buttons. Some the editor’s key benefits and features include:

• General text editing features.
• Colour coded text based on file type settings.
• Bookmarks tools.
• Standard line numbers.
• NC functions for block text and block numbering editing.
• File comparison tools.
• CNC control transmission tools.

Using HSM edit to work with g code

Click on the button below to download 'A Guide to Inventor HSM NC Editor' and find out some handy tips and tricks whilst using HSM Edit to work with g-code.

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