A Guide To Revit Architecture Grid Creation

When you begin your Revit projects, the first thing you will need to do is to set the levels, and then you will often need to set up a grid layout. However, if you set these up first it will make creating and editing your project much easier and quicker. To do this isn't difficult, but it can be time consuming, so here is a tip to help speed up grid creation.

Please note that this only works if you have an AutoCAD File, from the structural engineer for example.

Firstly we start the project, then in the level 0 / Ground Floor we Insert > Link CAD browse for the AutoCAD file from the Structural Engineer.

revit grid creation 1

It is possible to set colours if you want, and you can also turn off Layers in the CAD file. The Import units can be left at Auto-Detect (if the CAD file was drawn 1:1), and we can also set the CAD file to be in just the current view only.

Once the CAD file is in use go to Architecture Tab > Datum Panel > Grid revit grid creation 2and use Pick Lines revit grid creation 3to pick the grid lines in the CAD file - this will place a Revit grid line on top of the CAD line.

revit grid creation 4

Once you have added the required grid lines you can hide the CAD file. These Gridlines will be visible on all your levels as well.

revit grid creation 5

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