A Guide To The Navisworks Interface For 2018

Regular Navisworks users will no doubt remember which tools/commands are on which tab and which window contains what info etc.

But new or inexperienced users of Navisworks often struggle to find or remember the names of commands and where they were, or where was that setting which controlled how something looked.

So then, let’s take a general overview of the Navisworks Interface for 2018.

To start we have the Big N: navisworks logo

This give us access to some standard commands – New, Open, Print and a list of previously opened files etc...

navisworks interface 2018

There is also an Options button, this takes us to the main option in Navisworks. With tabs down the side we can access General, Interface, Model, Tools & File Readers.

To read the full tutorial, including the Ribbon, the Selection Tree, the Properties Window, and more, just click the button below:

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Find out about the fantastic Navisworks add in iConstruct here. If you have any questions please send us a message:

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