The latest release, Autodesk Revit 2019.1, is now available to download from your Autodesk Account browser. You just have to download and then go to the Updates and Add-ons tab.

There are quite a few nice improvements, with all of these helpful updates included:

• Revit Home page
• Site Collaboration with Civil 3D
• Improved Support IFC Links from BIM 360 with Desktop Connector
• Free Form Rebar Aligned Distribution
• Top of Wall Pattern Alignment
• Improved importing of patterns from AutoCAD
• Improved navigation in Perspective Views
• We can now align Section Views to other elements
• Some new resizable dialog windows

In this blog we will take a look at some of the best new features.

revit 2019.1 1

The first thing you will notice is the change to the start-up welcome screen - shock and awe, what have they done!? However, once you get over the visual change it's actually useful and easy to get used to, with some major benefits:

revit 2019.1 icon finalIt now lists more than four recent files

revit 2019.1 icon finalIn the top left corner, next to the big blue R, we have a new Home button. This takes you back to the welcome screen and that nice visual recent list, and is an easy way to switch between projects and home.

revit 2019.1 icon finalAre you working collaboratively with BIM 360? If so, your BIM 360 File Locations will appear in the left-hand Panel under Recent files.

revit 2019.1 2

revit 2019.1 3

Whilst working with central files, the recent list will always show the central file as opposed to the local file so that, by default, we are opening the most up-to-date version. Having said that, when you hover over the shortcut icon a pop-up will appear displaying the file path information for both the central file and your local file.

On the home page there is a back arrow and this will take you back to the project view. Whether you have a project open or not, the functionality is duplicated by clicking on home button next to the blue R.

revit 2019.1 4

Aligning sections views to other elements is such a simple addition but so incredibly useful. You can use the Align tool in the normal way but now we can pick Section lines.revit 2019.1 6

Adding perspective to a section provides an engaging aspect that adds more interest to a flat section view and in this latest update Autodesk has made the creation of these views a lot easier.

To make use of this, place a section and then a camera looking in the same direction. Open the camera view, then right click on the view cube to access the Orient to View and then select the appropriate Section. While this option was there previously,  it now simultaneously creates a section box that you can manipulate to create the view you desire.

Navigation within a camera view is now better in a subtle way. With the Point 1 upgrade, orbiting a camera view moves the camera so that the perspectives are maintained and you don’t ‘fall out of shot’. You will probably need to try this to fully appreciate this subtle but useful improvement.

These are just a few of the features with the Revit 2019.1 upgrade from the big list above that will give you a taster of the powerful functionality upgrades. To get the full run down, take a look at the Autodesk website.

So is it worth downloading this update? I believe it absolutely is, so go for it and enjoy Revit 2019.1.

revit 2019.1 5

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