A handy tip for Autodesk Revit Custom Roof Editing

Sometimes when using Autodesk Revit we will come across some detail or element we want to model, but can’t figure out how to get Revit to actually do it. Recently a customer contacted me with such an issue. They had created a roof which had an awkward detail, and couldn’t figure out to how extend a section of roof.

revit custom roof editing cover

After a bit of consideration, I thought roof by extrusion would be the best way of doing this.

So, I created the extruded roof using the same roof type, modelled it at the end of the main roof and then dragged it in to the correct position and locked it in place.

revit custom roof editing 2

I then used attach top / base to sort out the wall. The last issue is that as you can see, the roof tile hatch pattern didn't match, so that needed editing. By selecting one line in the hatch pattern we can rotate, align and move the hatch pattern to line up with the other roof. Joining geometry and using line override can finish the process so it looks like one complete roof.

revit custom roof editing 3

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