A Quick Tip For Revit Floor Finishes

revit floor finishes 1You can apply Revit floor finishes in a variety of ways. Most methods are based on the thickness of the finish material. For example, a thin finish such as a carpet might be applied with the split face and paint tool, whereas a thicker finish such as mortar-set stone tile might be a separate floor. As with most things Revit, either method can be used for either finish type, with neither way being wrong or right.

For thin finishes, one of the easiest ways to divide a floor surface for the finish material is using the spilt face and paint tools. This method requires you to model a floor with an appropriate material defined with at least a surface pattern.

revit floor finishes 2Click on the Modify Tab and use Split Face from the Geometry panel, select the floor and draw your boundary. Lock the sketch line to the walls if you wish. Click the green tick to finish.

The paint tool is also on the Modify Tab on the Geometry panel, and you can use any loaded material. To do this, select the material you wish to apply and hover over the split face area you just created - click to assign the material.

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Thicker finish materials such as tiles or stone pavers can be applied as a unique floor type and modelled where required. For larger areas, you can simply assign materials within the layers of a floor. For smaller areas, you could duplicate an existing floor and strip out all other layers, leaving just the tile (or tile and grout), placing the tile floor on top of a slab floor for example.

However, you need to take in to account the finished floor level and might have to apply a negative offset to the slab to accommodate the thickness of the tile. You may also consider placing a slab depression with an in-place void, and modelling the tile floor with a negative offset.

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