Add a gradient background to a 3D view in Revit

Did you know that in Revit, you can add a background gradient color to a 3D view?. The gradient will be a blend between the horizon color and the sky or ground color.

gradient background revit3d view model

This can be configured by following the below simple steps:
1. Open the 3D view from the Project Browser.
2. Click the View tab > Graphics panel- (Graphic Display Options). This can also be accessed by the Keyboard shortcut (GD)

gradient background revit toolbar grpahics panel display

3. Under Background, select Gradient Background.
4. Select the desired colors for the sky, horizon, and ground.

gradient background revit graphic display options dialog

5. In the Graphic Display Options dialog box, click OK.
6. View can then be added to sheets as below

gradient background revit 3d view model sheets

Some things to note:
• The changes to the background can also be saved as a view template.
• If you export the view to a 3D DWF file, the gradient background will not be included as part of the export.
• When you print a 3D view with a gradient background, you can only print using raster processing. To print the view using vector processing, you must first turn off the gradient background.

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