Adding Services in Fabrication CADmep

Out of the box, Fabrication CADmep contains a massive amount of manufacturers' content in the default metric and imperial library. There will however be times where you’ll need extra items that aren’t already in there, or there may be some new components available. In this article, we will look at the process of downloading and adding additional services content into your chosen library.

fabrication cadmep

Once into the drawing file you will see that your loaded services are visible on the service menu, as below.

fabrication cadmep 2

To add more services, you will need to type ‘downloadcontent’ in the command line; the command should appear after the first few letters. Press enter.

fabrication cadmep 3.png

The following dialogue box will appear, where you can search and filter for the specific content that you require. In the example, I’ve filtered metric only, and after looking have selected Actionair as the manufacturer. By clicking on search the list will refresh.

fabrication cadmep 4

The information button will show you what is included in the download and the plus button will add the content to the download list.

fabrication cad mep snip

Once you click download, you will see a status bar on your screen for a little time, followed by the confirmation box below. Click OK.

fabrication cadmep 6

When you look in your services menu, the new content will have been installed into z-Transport-Services by default, so now we can look at relocating this to somewhere more appropriate.

fabrication cadmep 7

On the ‘Service Item’ toolbar, you will click on the ‘Edit Service Database’ button, as above. Once into the ‘Setup Services’ dialogue box you will be on the services tab - now select your new service from the list and click on ‘Service Information’.

fabrication cadmep 8

Now click on the Group drop down menu and select the group you wish to associate your services with, in this case HVAC. Note that you can also rename your service if required.

fabrication cadmep 9

Click OK out of the dialogue boxes, and then check back on the service item toolbar to confirm your items have been moved. The z-Transport-Services group should also have gone, as shown below.

fabrication cadmep 10

Find out more about the power of Fabrication CADmep by giving us a call now, or by sending us a request for more information:

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