Inventor Tips: Adding the RAL Colour Library

Many Inventor users require additional Materials / Appearances to be added to the Inventor library, one of the most commonly asked questions is "How do I apply RAL Colours to my Inventor Parts"?

In this blog I will take you through adding the RAL library to your active project and then how to access this and apply it to your Inventor parts.

1. First off you need to get a hold of the RAL material Library (.adsklib) file.

Here is my link to download the RAL material library:

2. Unzip the zip file and locate Inventor’s Design Data folder. You can find the location of your design data folder from the project file locations - SEE IMAGE BELOW.

3. Inside the Design data folder, you will find the Materials folder, you can copy the RAL library into here alongside the InventorMateriaLibrary.adsklib file.

4. Next add the new library to the appearances Libraries within your project file settings, right click on the Appearances Libraries and select Add Library.

5. Navigate to the RAL library location and Click Open, you should now see RAL Library under the Appearence Libraries.

6. Click Save.

7. To test the new appearances, open a part and under the appearances dropdown you should be able to now select the RAL Colour Library.

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