Adjust Cutback Geometry at End Joins in Revit Structures

Something you may not be aware of in Revit Structure, there are 2 types of beam end joins: square-off and mitre. By default, the longer beam will be cut back from the shorter one, the Beam/Column Joins tool can adjust both by removing or applying the visible cutback of the beams. Adjusting cutback with the Beam/Column Join tool will not reset or change default extension settings in Element Properties, Symbolic Cutback Distance settings, or beam geometry adjustments.

cutback geometry joins structure

We need to be in either a plan or 3D view and the level of detail needs to be medium or high.
Select the beam / column join tool from the Modify Tab > Geometry Panel >cutback geometry joins structure button(Beam/Column Joins)
this will show the visible cutback arrow controls at the end join of beams and columns.

cutback geometry joins structure button toolbox

Click on the cutback arrow controls to change the cutback in the direction the arrow is pointing.

cutback geometry joins structure joints

If a beam is cut back, the arrow points toward the join. If a beam is not cut back, the arrow points away from the join. For the mitre join we also have the option to lock the geometry using the mitre padlock.

cutback geometry joins structure mitre padlock

Hope you found this Revit tip useful. Don’t forget to check out the Graitec Powerpack for Revit for a lot of useful additional functions and our Autodesk Revit training courses to update and increase your modelling skills. 

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