Advance Design 2020 What’s New: Part 2

There has been a major advancement in the way Advance Design calculates Seismic and Spectral analysis. With the introduction of a new solver which uses used load dependant RITZ vectors to calculate only the global modes of the structure sparring both time and computational resources by avoiding calculating small localised modes.

Because of this, RITZ vectors allow for the automatic determination of the total number of modes required, since this is based on the user setting a target participation ratio.

Ritz Vectors opt

Ritz Report opt

Now, with the solver switch back to the Eigen Vectors method the total number of modes required to reach a similar level of mass participation is 50 – up from 19 in the load-dependant RITZ vectors method.

Eigen Report opt

In addition to the solver upgrade the 2020 version of Advance Design structural analysis and design software also offers a new method of time history analysis by utilising accelerograms of past events. There is a library available with Advance Design of significant past event and the user can also enter manually an accelerogram since there are a load of earthquake’s records available online.

For the UK the out-of-the-box past events currently available consist of the 2007 Kent Earthquake and the 2008 Market Rasen earthquake. This will be of interest to those designing concrete buildings in seismic areas as the internal forces found as a result of these analyses can be directly inputted into the new Advance BIM Designers Wall module for the design of Shear Walls.

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In Advance Design 2020 the user can easily launch and calculate the reinforcement required for both shear and bearing walls from within the Advance Design environment. The BIM Designers Walls module reinforces all shear and bearing walls according to Eurocode with the user being able to add additional bars if they wish.


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