Advance Steel 2016 – Add a new model role

In Advance Steel, the "model role" defines how members are used and influences many different settings. One example is that the part mark prefixes are assigned according to model roles. The most important effect of the "model role" is the drawing presentation. Based on the "model role", Advance Steel objects are presented, labelled and dimensioned in different ways.

To make the difference between single parts and assemblies, prefixes can be used to have distinct part marks. Prefixes can be manually assigned, separately for parts and assemblies, or automatically assigned during the numbering process, according to the model role of the model elements (e. g. beam, column, rafter, plate etc.).

In this quick tutorial we show how to add a new model role to the system complete with a new prefix so the part numbering can be defined as you need.

Advance Steel 2016 - Add a new model role
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