Advance Steel 2016 – Add Railing to Channel

When using Advance Steel 2016 there are many possibilities for adding different types of railing to the model. In this short video we show you how to add railing to the face of a channel section by using a combination of automated macros and manual tools.

We start by drawing a beam and fit a flat bar to the face of the beam, then align the flat bar as required. We then place the railing using the flat beam as the supporting beam and configure the railing as required using the fields in the railing dialog box.

It's then a simple case of splitting the flat beam and welding the sections of flat bar to the secondary beam. The railing macro remains intact until the point you delete the parts of the flat bar that are not required, so make sure everything is positioned first before deletion.

We hope this has shown another way of using the power of Advance Steel to configure the type of railing you need.

If you are interested in purchasing Autodesk Advance Steel Software or you want to find out about training then contact your local Graitec office today or request a quote!

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