Advance Steel 2017 on AutoCAD 2017 - Windows 10 missing Arial Narrow font

If you open a prototype on a windows 10 machine and notice that the Text is messed up, check the font type under the text style. It may be the font is missing from the window system.

Advance Steel 2017 Text style

Look under fonts in the control panel and expand the Arial font, if you don’t see “Arial Narrow”, then it needs to be added to the system.

Control Panel Fonts

The same thing can be found under the windows font in the C drive.


Font Family Details

If you have the font on a windows 7 machine, you can copy it out and then install it in the Windows 10 machine location.

Sample font Arial Narrow

Sample font “Arial Narrow”.

ArialN Zip

Reboot the AutoCAD/Advance Steel Session and the font should then be present and the prototype text/ style / font will have reverted back to the expected arrangement.

Font in AutoCAD Advance Steel Session

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