Advance Steel – Controlling Drawing Issues

During any project drawings are constantly issued, updated and reissued. At any given time the latest update could contain drawings with various issues. How can you keep track of which drawings are issued and which are updated and need to be sent again?

Advance Steel provides a simple but effective way to control this. If you look at the list of drawings in Document Manager every drawing has a circle in front of its file name. This circle is frequently ignored or barely noticed by users but it is there to indicate the Approval / Issue Status of a document.

If you select any drawing(s) in the list you can right click and select an Approval Status. You can also select a status from the Approval Status drop down on the right hand side of Document Manager. Each status has a different colour assigned to it so you can easily recognise them. The circle in front of the document file name will be filled with the relevant colour.

Whenever you send drawings to somebody else you should change the Approval Status accordingly. Any status other than the original “Not Set” is considered issued. If a document is updated or revised the Approval Status is automatically changed back to “Not Set”.

Therefore, this gives a simple indicator of which files have been changed (or are new) since the last issue – all the ones with empty circles.

Furthermore, if the drawing has any status other than “Not Set”, the date the status was changed is recorded and will show as the Issued Date on Drawing Lists.

If you are interested in Advance Steel training, get in touch with your local Graitec office today or request a quote!

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